b for Belgium

The Royal Belgian Football Association have unveiled a new logo, which will emblazon their new kits to celebrate their 125th anniversary.

The redesign has managed to create a bold, modernist statement while retaining the elements that make the previous badge recognisable. First off - that 'b'. In the world of national football badges, generally steeped in history and heraldry, this defiant move is delightful in its playful boldness, bringing to mind rationalist designs of the Bauhaus era. The round bowl of the lower base 'b' suggests the shape of a football, while the ascender doubles up as a stylised Belgian flag.

The whole 'b' element cleverly creates one half of a modern, simple shield shape - a classic football badge form - which elegantly evolves the old crest shape. The crown and wreath elements remain but are updated in that pleasingly retro modernist style, and the cryptic 'URBSFA' from the old badge (which looks like some kind of secret police designation) has been relabelled 'Royal Belgian FA' - a much sexier moniker, proudly locked up with its inception date. The badge features a new typeface which manages to combine a sense of strength and utility with an element of craft and finesse, and will undoubtedly be used beyond the badge as part of the new identity system.

The new badge will adorn a fresh set of kits - the away being the highlight with a return of the 90s flash in the pan hit colour: ecru, and a stunningly chunky collar to complete a look that is pleasingly harmonious with the robustly retro aesthetic of the new badge.




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